Indeed, the task is not so easy for beginners. There are a huge variety of devices for flagellation, and each type behaves differently, gives different physical sensations. Some of them require significant physical training and training (usually long-length whips and lashes), as well as the development of application techniques. Most came to the topic from real life, for example, from the penitentiary (punishment system) system of the past, educational institutions, religious cults, working with animals, some were developed by sadomasochists specifically for their needs.

However, all these devices have two main elements of the device: the handle (often with some devices, this is just the end that you grab with your hand) and the impact surface itself. By the nature, composition, flexibility and length of this surface, tools are usually classified, as well as the degree of effectiveness and rigidity of its impact on the submissive.

For beginners, we can advise you to consider purchasing three main devices


Flogger (the most spectacular, on sensations, thing, in our opinion)


Do not be confused by the fact that there is a number 9 opposite the flogger and the stack in the table on the left. It all depends on the effort applied to the device. In addition, we definitely do not recommend immediately learning on long lengths – start with short devices ( up to 80 cm ) – it will be much easier for you to control the direction and force of the blow.

The recommended set will provide a fairly wide range of sensations from Russian spanking. You will get an idea of ​​how to control percussion devices, where it is worth striking and where it is not, and where it is worth moving in this direction and whether it is worth moving at all or will be limited to the existing arsenal.

Everything about spanking and flagellation devices.

If you seriously decided to approach the issue of choosing and using devices for spanking, we recommend that you read this article.

Impact devices in BDSM

After you bought what you wanted, we recommend practicing hitting an inanimate object – for example, knocking out dust from an old pillow or chair to train your eye and learn how to calculate the speed of your hand by comparing it with the speed of the other end of the device. Note that the longer the flagellation device is, the greater the speed of its striking part at the same swing speed of your hand. For example, the speed of the whip’s tip can exceed the speed of sound – can you imagine what energy is hidden in this percussion device ?! It will also not be superfluous to check the effectiveness of the device on yourself in order to understand what the bottom one will have to go through.

Where better to hit

The safest places to hit are those with the most fat or muscle. Avoid areas where bones are close to the surface, as well as areas of vital veins, arteries, nerves or organs that could be damaged by flogging. For the most part, this is the area of ​​the face and neck. Traditionally, they should not fall into the impact zone of impact devices. However, if these are devices of small sizes (the so-called crackers) and their impact force is easy to control, you can punish any places on the body of the lower one. Also, slaps in the face with a hand or light strokes with a stack are quite acceptable everywhere. You can find spanking poses on the parenting slave page .

Within the site page, we can only provide a small part of the information. For more information on the practices and devices for flagellation, see the article on whipping tutorial . (rar- archive)

1. The most popular and the best in terms of pleasure and safety spanking areas for girls are the buttocks and thighs, where there is a large amount of fat and muscle. They are able to withstand more and more intensity and amplitude of impacts compared to other parts of the body. There is no chance of injury to any internal organs, so these places are especially recommended for beginners. Meanwhile, it is not recommended to apply strong blows to the lateral parts of the thighs – where bones and blood vessels are located close to the skin. The approximate area of ​​the punches is an imaginary circle with a diameter of ten to fifteen centimeters in the center of each of the buttocks. The use of a wide variety of devices is allowed here.

2. The inner thigh is a very sensitive area. Physiologically, it is safe to hit here, but it should be borne in mind that such blows can be very painful. The use of short devices is recommended.

3. Back. The upper back on both sides of the spine is protected by a dense layer of muscles. It also contains the shoulder joints, which are quite close to the surface. You can flog these areas with flexible leather whips, maybe even rubber ones, but you should avoid using paddles and walking sticks to avoid damaging your bones. Lots of people really enjoy hitting the upper back. It often feels like a good massage. At the same time, one should not allow strong blows to the lower back, where the kidneys are located close to the surface. Also, you cannot hit the spine and tailbone if you are using hard objects for flogging. This kind of spanking of girls allows the use of any device.

4. Hits on calves and feet are allowed. But they also shouldn’t be overly strong. Usually they use short devices.

5. External female and male organs can also be spun, but given their sensitivity, this should be done with extreme caution using small soft floggers.

6. Female and male breasts are mostly composed of fat and muscles, although there are erogenous zones with a large number of nerve endings in the nipples and the surrounding halos. If you nevertheless decide to beat the chest – do it carefully and with short devices.

7. The expression “give in to the hands” was not invented by BDSM people, however, the practice of punishing hands takes place. In this case, the blows are applied mainly to the palms with the back turned up. The best device for this purpose is a stack or ruler.

8. The upper arms, shoulders and abdomen are usually not subject to blows due to the fact that there is little fat and muscles, and the vessels are close to the surface of the skin.

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