The word whipping in BDSM, which we have used in other articles, still has a somewhat outdated meaning. Usually, in a thematic environment, it is customary to say flagellation or spanking (these are actually synonyms), since the entire theoretical basis for using this procedure in thematic practices was developed and came to us from the West.

So, flagellation is a psycho-erotic practice, which consists in whipping a submissive partner with a dominant one using a variety of objects (such as a whip, whip, paddle, rod, stack, belt, ruler, hand, etc.).

Spanking is a pleasure technique associated with the appearance of sexual or just arousal when physically influencing a partner with a shock device, its ultimate goal is to obtain alternative sexual pleasure for both parties. It is conditionally divided into active (the pleasure you get when spanking your partner) and passive (the pleasure the submissive gets from his own pain or humiliated addiction position if he is spanked). If flagellation in a BDSM game has the role of punishment or education of the submissive, then another term is used – dippoldism. By the name of the famous sadist Dippold, who, as a teacher, used rods to whip children at school, claiming that this is how he drives knowledge into them.

In general, these words previously had a very specific and narrow meaning. Flagellation was called whipping with a whip or whip, and Russian spanking – palm slaps. But then, in the development of the Theme, it became customary to fit all variants of shock effects under these definitions.

Currently, of course, flagellation has become one of the most widespread and frequently used BDSM practices not only among sadomasochists, but also in DS and DB relationships…. This fact is explained both by the breadth of the spectrum of influences – from stroking the luxurious body of a slave with the tails of a flogger to hard whipping with a whip, and by the prevalence of a wide variety of devices for spanking and spanking in intimate stores, as well as by the ease and simplicity of the process itself, if we do not take into account the spanking any serious whip-type device that requires practice, experience and a place to swing. In addition, spanking can be performed even in the absence of any devices at all – with a hand, a slipper, a towel, a trouser belt, a wooden ruler, a massage comb, etc. Moreover, such asceticism does not interfere with bringing oneself or a partner to the desired degree of excitement with the proper mood for the session.

What are the reasons why spanking has become so popular in topical practices? Science proposes to consider completely specific studied and described physiological mechanisms of the human body, which will be discussed below.

Psychophysiological aspects of spanking

Flagellation as a method of physical impact on the submissive

Yes, spanking is the most widespread method of influencing the lower one due to its simplicity, accessibility and, at the same time, the effectiveness of the process due to the physiological characteristics of a particular person. You can warm up the body relatively easily, or vice versa, cool down the ardor of the bottom, if you so desire. Inflict both pain and pleasure with a whipping, depending on how, what and with what intensity. Even not at all for a masochist, a light spanking will rather give a pleasant sensation, comparable, for example, with a massage or squeezing parts of the body with a hand. Therefore, if you are in doubt or are afraid – leave your phobias, absolutely nothing terrible will happen to you – just the areas of the skin at the sites of exposure will slightly redden. On the other side,

Flagellation as a method of psychological influence on the submissive

Russian spanking of girls is one of the most common punishments in D / s relationships. In one form or another, it is the basis of most BDSM role-playing games in which the plot is based on the process of raising sex slaveshost. At the same time, in educational influences, the submissive does not necessarily have to get physical pleasure from the flogging (after all, the “submissive” is not equal to the “masochist”), on the contrary, this process in the physical sense may be unpleasant for him, but they get pleasure of a completely different kind – psychological. This is exactly what each participant in the D / s relationship strives for. The top likes to dominate, show their power, punish the slave for mistakes, for the bottom, such moments as dependence on the Top, the psychological pleasure of submission, the feeling of their humiliation and the unlimited power of the top are important.

Types and devices for flagellation

The scientific approach to this direction in BDSM provides for many ways of flagellation.

Spanking (spanking) and punching (slaps), kicking (kicks) – punches and kicks, without the use of any devices. In some cases, the term kicking can mean blows with some heavy dangerous objects such as rubber truncheons, sticks and bats.

Bastinado. An ancient form of punishment still used in Muslim countries. It consists in striking a variety of objects on the feet, in particular on the heels. We would like to note that the soles of the feet, especially the female legs, are very delicate, so if you decide to practice this flagellation method, start doing it with extreme caution and do not use rough devices.

Belting ( whipping with a belt ). Body strikes are usually performed with a male trouser belt. It looks especially impressive when it is applied suddenly without preparation – a man presses the girl to the sofa, takes a belt out of his trousers and begins the procedure.

Birching Strikes with a light wooden rod or a bundle of rods, usually birch or willow, specially prepared (cleaned of knots and burrs, and also soaked in water for flexibility and softness).

Caning The term came from the traditional punishment of children in an English school, where a negligent student was given a cuff from the teacher’s cane, and if the lesson was not learned, then real spanking was performed with the cane. Caning or rattan strikes, as in traditional school punishment, are usually performed across the buttocks.

Flogging The term can be used for strikes with various flexible objects – whips, cats, floggers, sometimes it is used as a general term for these actions. 

L ashing (flogging). Strikes with various types of lashes.

Paddling Strikes with a special paddle – paddle

Percussion Play A relatively modern term, meaning about the same as spanking girls.

Whipping Strikes with a whip, or any object that can be used as a whip (such as a stack)

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