The most important thing that you should know when using Electrosex is that the effects of electric current on the body are dangerous to health! Electricity in BDSM is no exception, of course. Moreover, at high values ​​of current and voltage, the danger is fatal. The manufacturers of such BDSM devices are well aware of this. All their products do not have a direct connection to the mains and are equipped with batteries or transformers (inside the device or the device is connected through a charger resembling a charger for a mobile phone), which makes their use practically safe.

The main effect is the current strength. The safe threshold is 10 mA. This is the threshold for a healthy adult. In people with reduced skin resistance or poor health, this threshold may be lowered.

You should always keep this in mind, increase the amperage gradually and not exceed the threshold values. In this case, you should know that the value is over

30 mA – May cause breathing problems.

75 mA – can lead to cardiac fibrillation;

100 mA is dangerous for human life.

Usually in appliances for electrosex, regulation of such a quantity as current strength is not used. There is a conditional scale with exposure levels. Usually from 1 to 15. They are all safe, but you should start experiments from, of course, from the first level.

The consequences of exposure to current are also influenced by the path that it travels through the body between the two electrodes and the duration of exposure. Dangerous paths are recognized as paths passing in the region of the heart and in the region of the head. Electrodes should not be applied to the head at all, and as for the breast, to stimulate it, 2 different polarity electrodes should be applied to each breast. And in no case one electrode on the right, one on the left, because then the current will go through the sternum, and possibly the heart muscle!

Surely many have seen in films how they are tortured with electric current. Usually the electrodes are connected there to the head. Remember that the application of a current in BDSM to the head is UNACCEPTABLE, as well as the effect on the heart muscle! It is also unacceptable to use needles inserted into the lower one instead of standard electrodes – this significantly changes the resistance to the flow of electricity through the body, the duct, and can also directly affect the nerve endings and the device loses its safety. The electrodes must be in close contact with the body. The use of a special gel is also recommended.

You should also know that the current in BDSM should be applied to dry, clean skin that is most resistant to its effects.

Surely almost everyone in childhood licked the contacts of the “Planet” battery with their tongue and felt the tongue tingle and grow numb. If you have already bought yourself a BDSM device designed for torture with electricity and electric sex, then we recommend that you check its effect, first of all, on yourself, starting with small values, in order to understand what your lower one can feel at different current strengths.

Electricity affects the nervous system and, as a result, causes muscle contractions. This can manifest itself in chaotic twitching of the limbs and injury. Therefore, it is advisable to fix them qualitatively to stationary objects.

Electricity does not flow uniformly everywhere. If there is a cut or scratch under the electrode, then its strength will be greater there and burns are possible.

You should also pay attention to the tight fit of the electrodes to the body. Otherwise, again, instead of pleasant massage sensations, you may be bitten painfully. This is achieved through the use of special adhesive-backed electrodes. They are reusable and also available for purchase separately. There are also special gels that can be used to lubricate special electrodes, such as cock rings or anal plugs.

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