Whipping with a belt

Belt whipping is an effective and efficient method in BDSM punishment. Actually, you can just flog for your own pleasure or according to the scenario of the thematic session, but there is one psychological nuance! For many people, punishment is associated with whipping with a belt on the buttocks since childhood. Everyone knows from childhood that the word “belt” also means the belt itself to support the pants and directly flogging them at the butt point, in case of offense. And even if no one has ever flogged you, still, from the stories of other people, this association is already in you from a young age.

In addition, the device has other options for use. For example, they can be tied to the arms and legs, or used as a leash. The undoubted advantage of the belt is that the Top always has it at hand, i.e. in trousers. Which can be helpful if you feel like having a small session away from home.

Undoubtedly, the Dominant enjoys the spanking and punishment of the girl with a belt, and the Lower is quite able to survive an orgasm, but in this case I would like to present the aesthetics of punishment with this device, and not a spanking followed by a subspace.

When choosing an accessory, taking into account the specifics of its use, it should be borne in mind that the strap should not be made of thick leather (any denim-biker options are poorly suited), it should not be rigid, it should not have metal rivets and other accessories. The belt should be soft, not very wide, classic and without sharp inserts, with a small buckle (so as not to interfere), not from 3 to 5 cm wide. A narrow belt causes more intense pain. It is inconvenient for the broad ones to work.

Therefore, we recommend using a genuine leather men’s belt in a classic style, which will surely give you a lot of pleasant sensations and will look beautiful in your trousers.

Taking into account the above psychological aspects of the application, the device should not be used too often. And it is better precisely in the moments associated with punishment. The spanking is carried out with the device folded in half, quite hard. At the same time, blows with a badge are unacceptable – I do not think that a girl’s ass with bruises is a pleasant sight. In a word, in the hands of a real master, this is a good and pleasant device.

To whip the priests with a belt, it is better to wrap it folded in half on a fist, holding a buckle in your hand, strike with a free flexible part 20-30 cm long.

A true sub is always ready to bring the Master a strap in the teeth, faithfully looking into the eyes, wagging her ass and whining impatiently in anticipation of severe punishment.


The correct House should always have in its arsenal such an attribute of a classic flogging as a rod. This device is a flexible and thin twigs of trees (shrubs), collected in a bunch, or used alone. Previously, they were widely used in corporal punishment at home, in courts, in educational institutions. In our time, they have been adopted by the BDSM community.

We rightly believe that rods are an easy-to-use and environmentally friendly, disposable device. It is hygienic. They combine flexibility and crispness. If you choose them and use them wisely, then in working with the lower girl you can simultaneously deliver significant pain without causing any harmful consequences for the body. Yes, traces of course remain, but they pass quickly, if you are not very zealous in the blows.

By the way, there is an opinion that flogging on the buttocks also has a healing effect … We cannot confirm or deny this. But, at least, we know for sure that the use of this device in BDSM has a strong educational and psychological effect for the lower girl. In addition, if a girl is a masochist, then spanking with rods on her bottom will be simply pleasant to her.

Rods for punishment are different: walnut, willow, mountain ash, birch, etc. We prefer :

  • nutty – for stronger effects
  • birch and willow – for the weaker.

In addition, in the conditions of the middle lane, there is no problem to collect the right amount of vicious material of good quality and completely free of charge. Which tree to choose for you – try experimenting with different ones and stop at the best, depending on your tasks and the degree of impact strength. 

Ideal rods are cut in the spring while they are moist and flexible. In appearance, these are straight, long (up to 2.5 meters) and even rods. They have sufficient strength and weight, as well as other necessary qualities for a correct and good flogging of a bare butt. Basically, you don’t even need to soak them.

An important step in preparing for punishment is the processing of cut rods. To maintain flexibility, it is best to use freshly cut twigs. Then the branches dry out quickly, so it is customary to soak them. By drawing in water, they become more flexible and heavy.

By the way, if you are going to the forest for the rods, know that it is better to choose the “golden mean” of the rod – cutting off the base and the top, and leaving the device about 1 m long. At the tip, the rod usually has about 2-3 mm. For a dozen of these classic rods, you should stock up on a couple of three with 5-6 mm at the tip, so to speak, for the most obstinate slaves, whose behavior may cause you serious concern.

It has been empirically established that for the Top, the optimal length of the rod is the distance from his (her) neck to the fingertips of the outstretched hand. This length contributes to the most virtuoso and efficient use.

Despite the fact that the branches seem to be a very harmless device, the spanking can be bloodshot, depending on how much effort you put in and how much time you spend. But in any case, it will be superficial, and the device itself will act as a limiter of excessive exposure – it will simply break. The main thing when choosing is not to forget about the optimal diameter of the rod.

Depending on the task or the degree of fault of the lower one, rods can be punished

direct springy wrist blow,

rigidly with a broach (in this case, traces are guaranteed).

The undoubtedly positive quality of the device is that you can quite easily calculate the force and direction of the blow.

When spanking, tempo is important. The pain felt by the lower girl does not weaken over time after the blow, but, on the contrary, increases in the range of 15-30 seconds following the blow. Therefore, it is better to maintain a pause between beats.

You can act as single rods, and tied in a bundle of 3-6 pieces. If the rods are very thin, you can collect up to 15 pieces in a bunch.

Note also that if you want to punish the bottom as efficiently as possible, then the best option for this is soaked rods with completely peeled skin. They are the most painful!

It is also an effective practice for whipping with rods to alternately use twigs from different types of wood.

How to flog with rods and straps correctly and safely

Let’s try to summarize the information we have on such an important issue as punishment with rods and a belt:

1. Any percussion device used for whipping and punishment takes practice. If you are a beginner, practice striking an inanimate object.

2. If you practice flogging regularly, the skin becomes physically resistant to impact, less prone to capillary rupture. And your devices “soften”.

3. Before flogging the priests with rods or a belt, if you have a kind of ritual, it is advisable for the girl to take a hot bath or shower, to relax as much as possible.

4. The most sparing posture – on the knees of the Master (it is difficult for him to swing strongly). The most painful – standing bent over, hugging the knees (when the skin is stretched, sensitivity to pain increases).

5. The inner thighs are the most painful part of the body to hit. However, this does not mean that it should not be hit.

6. The safest area for flogging is the convex surface of the buttocks, upper thighs. The outer side of the thighs, sides are prone to bruising.

7. The blows are applied in a measured manner. The strength, pace, amplitude and magnitude of the swing increase gradually. If you exclusively play role-playing games and require a light erotic flogging without visible traces, only with reddening of the skin – do not strike with a full swing and measure the effort. It is easier to work in general “swing from the elbow” when the shoulder joint is relatively motionless. It is also necessary to ensure that the belt does not come in contact with the edge.

8. If after the flogging you have marks or bruises, use special drugs to treat them. (e.g. troxevasin)

9. For the first flogging, choose soft leather products (if it is a belt) and thinner rods.

10. You need to know a sense of proportion – it is better to flog ten times during the day than once, but strongly and for a long time.

11. Usually, spanking women and girls in the buttocks with a belt or a rod takes about 30 minutes.

12. If you are just starting to use such practices, take the time to find the optimal posture, find out what places it has the most sensitive and resistant to impacts, calculate the necessary impact force so that the first experience does not discourage the desire to repeat.

In general, in order to properly fill the girl’s ass with rods or a belt, first fill your hand.

Technique of impact when punishing with rods or a belt

Suitable for whipping positions

For punishment and flogging with rods or a belt, it is recommended to set the girl in the following positions :

On my knees, sandwiched between the knees of the owner. If you work with only one hand (you are exclusively right-handed or left-handed), then your slave will only receive one half of the priests.

  • Bending over with your chest on a support.
  • Lying on the couch with or without a pillow under the thighs
  • Standing in a free position, or leaning against the wall.
  • Standing bent over in the form of the letter G, hands pressed to the knees

In this case, you can decide for yourself how much you need to fix the girl’s arms and legs between each other, or to some objects.

A good mood after a successful whipping lasts about 3 days. If the marks are gone, the spanking can be repeated 🙂

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