We will tell you how to quickly and accurately hit the subspace . We came to this, checking all the points, trying and experimenting, until we worked it out to the smallest detail. The recommendations have already helped several real people to get real pleasure from spanking BDSM. And now they are successfully practicing this method. I really hope that this method, if you want to use it, will help you too. Although everything is individual, and we can not give any guarantees. Just try it as it is not difficult and interesting.

First of all, the theory is addressed to the lower ones, but it is obligatory to read the upper ones as well. If this method has an impact on you, then in the future, but not earlier than after five “successful” actions, it may be possible to diversify it with other poses, BDSM toys , sound effects or images, in general, experiment, but slowly, changing each time, one thing, and working out this change, until the successful results are consolidated. In this technique, a lot depends on the device. Also in advance, I warn about the possible danger. Frequent practices of this system can lead to the fact that the slave will fall into space automatically, for example, only when she sees a device.

This article discusses recommendations for bringing to a subspace using the practice of spanking girls, as well as flagellation and spanking .

So, let’s begin:


You must be in the mood for action, i.e. wish it to be held

Your top must be pleasant to you, you must “want” it

Remember clearly that from the moment you start the action, and until the moment of “takeoff”, your mouth should be “locked”, ie. no conversations with the top and screams.

You lie down in the most comfortable position for you (without bends), if you have a pillow under your belly, then the pillow should be under your head too! NO gags and fixations!

Decide what type of people you are (visual-tactile or auditory) based on this, tune in to the visual (when at the time of the action, some images, scenes or memories will pass before your eyes, about a trip to the sea, for example, the image should be such that it is convenient for you to concentrate and “feel and experience it”, you can reinforce this with quiet relaxing music “Sound of the Sea”, “Magic of the Forest”, etc. the one that will better suit the visual image that you choose for yourself) or, if you are a person of sound perception, turn on the TV quietly (news fits perfectly, you can film, just NOT music)

Relax completely with your eyes closed. Begin to either play the image, or listen to the “news”, the sound of the TV should be such that it was necessary to strain your hearing quite a bit to make out the essence.

Breathing is even, deep, deep breath – deep exhalation. Follow the breath until the moment of “take-off”, once again I will repeat no groans, screams, only deep breathing.

So, we lie relaxed, breathe deeply, catch “sound effects or visual images. The state is calm, peaceful. In about a minute, you will step on the road to the space …


The moment of striking must coincide with the inhalation, bottom! The intervals between the blows are: Inhalation (striking) -exhalation-inhalation-exhalation-inhalation (striking), etc. About 7 seconds. The intervals between the beats are always EQUAL (the top one, at the beginning, can count (to itself!))

Ideal devices to start: Toes, wide belt, flogger. Unacceptable devices – rods, twigs, canes, stacks.

No warm-up! The blows begin to be applied with such force that the lower one hurts, but not so much that he wants to scream, moan or fidget, i.e. perceptible, but quite tolerant and relaxed. After about 50-70 blows, when the bottom of the bottom acquires a bright color and slight numbness appears, gradually increase the strength of the blows, in a ratio of 4 to 5th. Closely monitor the condition of the lower one, if you are doing everything correctly, you should have the feeling that the lower one is fast asleep! If not, then you overdid it with the force of impact – slow down!

Subspace for everyone manifests itself in different ways, someone falls into it, begins to scream, rush, even “mumble”, but there are many who behave as if in a deep swoon or asleep, some actually fall asleep and even snore!

How do you know if your partner has already gone into space, if he is of the “swoon” breed? Quite simply, in between blows, bend over to your partner’s face and listen carefully to your breathing. If it is slow, like a sleeping person, then your partner is “surfing outer space”


Read / re-read (for those who have forgotten) Shorokh’s article about the subspace.

If you are sure that your bottom is “in flight”, you can either maximize the impact force, or change the device to a whip (one-tail or multi-tail).

Do not change the frequency of impacts, especially frequent ones – this can lead to exit from the space.

Don’t overdo it! With this technique, the lower one does not feel pain at all! You don’t want to cripple the bottom one !?

Do not pull the lower one out of the space abruptly! (see Shorokh’s exit methods). Change very slowly the frequency of the blow to the exit, less often less often even less often, or vice versa, reducing the force of the blow, increase the frequency to light light, frequent pats.

After leaving, do not fiddle with the bottom, let him lie down to come to his senses, take care of him, if he wants to sleep, give him such an opportunity.

Dear sub, you are probably wondering how to know if it is far from space? These “symptoms” will help you to do this, incrementally: You stop hearing the sound of the device, then the sound of the impact, then feel it, the moment of impact will be similar to when a swing takes off, i.e. a slight jolt felt by the whole body, visual and sound images gradually disappear, only the sensation of rolling on a swing remains … a little more and you will take off.

Good luck!

I sincerely hope that you will find my technique useful. If it did not work out the first time, do not be discouraged, if you strictly follow the instructions, the result will appear during the third session .

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