The pleasure of hot wax in BDSM is that the action does not require physical effort at all, only fire, your hand and the force of attraction. Drip on the female body with pleasure, let the Bottom scream louder. Your business is to try to get on those areas of the skin on which you have not dripped yet. Adjust the drop height of the wax drops. You can start with half a meter or more, then drip lower. Pour some paraffin on a candle and pour a trickle in one gulp – the effect will intensify. There will be more screaming, pain and pleasure. If everything is already buried in (just do not play Satanists and do not fill the body with layers), then you can brush off the frozen droplets and repeat the procedure.

By the way, in BDSM, dripping wax from a candle is very good and during sex, the orgasm will intensify both for you and your slave. If there is silence around, and even dark, you will feel the approach of real aesthetic bliss.

It would seem that everything is simple … But no. Therefore, we have detailed this process in a large article below. And here I would like to draw your attention to the safety of this practice.

First of all, most types of BDSM candles cannot be used at all. Believe me, fire is generally the most untamed element by man, and in a few seconds fire can turn heaven into hell. Therefore, playing with fire and any fiery solution is extremely dangerous. In this regard, it is better to immediately start playing young arsonists, who, as you know, are not helped even by industrial fire extinguishers.

Another important point is that from wax, that is, from paraffin, there is always a heap of garbage that has to be removed longer than this paraffin was used. Of course, crumbs in bed are a kind of torture too, but the torture of cleaning up the paraffin stuck everywhere is much more serious than the action itself.

How then to be? Is it so bad?

Not at all, if you know about safety and do nothing in Russian, that is, through one well-known place.

First, never buy candle types such as

  • wax,
  • from hard wax,
  • in aluminum sleeves.

It is better to immediately go to the burn center, and then listen to lectures on the fact that burns never completely heal. If they still issued beaters with which they beat in the head with the right to use them, it would be very good. But I was distracted. Buy regular candles at your regular hardware store. The ones that melt from the heat. They begin to deform even under the warmth of the hand. Here! This is what you need! Buy them. And of course, just in case, check for yourself, feel what the lower one will experience. At the same time, if you are a man, there are 2 important facts to consider

Women’s skin is softer and thinner than men’s

If you have tested the temperature on your hand, and you plan to drip wax on the bottom girl’s bottom, then your temperature experiment is also not indicative, because the skin on the bottom is more tender than on the hand

The actual pain in BDSM is normal, but it should not be excessive and even less lead to injuries in the form of burns. There are also special candles for BDSM, but they are quite expensive and not sold in every store.

Second, place something disposable under the Bottom before use. You will not be able to wipe and erase “this”. The thing is that paraffin flies off the skin easily, but it is very difficult from fabric or furniture.

Thirdly, the best place to use this device is fresh air, nature. Well, in the house, choose a place that would not distract you from the process itself, and in which an open fire cannot spread to flammable objects.

Fourth, you should always have a bottle of water and any anti-burn agent on hand, preferably in the form of a spray.

And when everything is done correctly, then you can start.

Successful use of “wax” -paraffin in BDSM! And remember, playing with fire is a one-sided game, don’t play with it, just use it.

If you are interested in this practice, then you can learn more about the use of wax and candles in BDSM from the article

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