There are a thousand ways for a Mistress to take her submissive or her slave , to fuck him , to sodomize him .

It can be a punishment or on the contrary a moment of shared pleasure , a kind of reward for the submissive, sometimes also, but, in either case, it is especially the moment privileged during which the Mistress will symbolically assert her power over the submissive: she becomes the male, he becomes a female Black Mistress London.

The thousand and one faces of sodomy

The male subject very often begin their education sodomy by wearing a butt plug whose size generally increases with time. The wearing time also changes depending on the London Mistress‘s orders: From a few tens of minutes per day at the start, up to several days in a row over time.

At this stage, for the Mistress, it is above all a question of preparing the opening which will soon welcome him as well as possible, for the submissive to get used to being taken and to physically feeling the Mistress within him.

Some Dominatrix prefer to keep the “little ass” of their submissive tight and therefore do not abuse plugs, others on the contrary aim to make their submissive swallow increasingly big dildos or strap-ons and use plugs (sometimes inflatable) to widen their ass and eventually prepare it for fisting or double-fisting .

We then enter a more punitive dimension of sodomy since these extreme practices hurt and never constitute a source of pleasure, except for the most masochistic submissives.

Once, the hole prepared, the Mistress has dozens of ways to take her submissive. Using a dildo or a strap-on ( strap- French), in fours or face to face , by itself or by instructing the subject to enculer under her eyes. She can take him dressed or naked, order him to simply lower his pants and take them directly on the living room table or, on the contrary, surround sodomy with pre-established rituals.

She can finally, at leisure, order the submissive to squeal when she buggers him or on the contrary instruct him to be silent or even gag him. It is the imagination and the symbolism that the Mistress wants to give to this practice which are the conductors of the “ceremony”, each Dominatrix and each submissive therefore has their own experience of this essential ritual of D / s relations. .

The thousands of videos available on the Internet show those who would like to practice sodomy, the full range of possibilities, so it is not necessary, and above all impossible 😉 to draw up an exhaustive catalog here.

  1. An essential symbolism
    Some Mistresses – rare – refuse to sodomize their submissives, they do not take pleasure in it, but in the vast majority of D / s relationships sodomy causes a pleasure shared by the Mistress and by the submissive. There are many other SM practices in which the pleasure is equally shared, but none of them – if we except the punishments – carry such a symbolic charge.

In the act of buggering the submissive , all the dominating will of the Mistress is expressed since it will allow her to completely reverse the classic heterosexual codes in which the man penetrates the woman. Here it is the opposite which occurs, and this explains why the submissive being made sodomized is often treated of “slut” or “bitch” by his Mistress, since he offers her his ass as a woman to man, in a “classic” sexual relationship.

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